Monday, February 8, 2016

Semller High Converse Sneakers Conversion for Males and Females by DreamTeamSims

Custom Blinds by DOT

Mid Century Dining Table and Chair by JosieSimblr

CETO Hair for Females by LittleCakes

Ralph & Russo Dress by Rusty Nail

Innocent Eyes and Blush by JomSims

Peplum Swimsuits by NyGirl

Plaster Wall Set - 14 colours by The Builder

Eye Shadow by SomeSimGirl

Gem Hair Retexture and Recolors by LittleCrisps

Necklaces by Toksik

Hoodie Sweatshirt and Upper Side Skirt by JS Sims 4

TS2 Trellis Conversion by Biguglyhag

Stuart Weitzman Patent Leather Sandals by MrAntonieddu

Half Pants and Leggings for Males by Haneco

Fairy Dust Wings and Wreath by JenniSims

Anarchist Trait by DrkMightyena

The Anarchist Trait! This trait is fairly simple. Those with the Anarchist Trait will excel in Mischief and the Criminal Career, while also being anti-social and thus their Social need decays slower and increases faster, not wanting social interaction.

Eyebrows by S-Club

Eye Shadow by Princesssnorlaxsimblr

Comic Book Briefs for Males by Arch129

New Cafe, Wallpaper and Floors by Angel74

TS2 Basketball Rug Conversion by Biguglyhag

Mini Dress with Belt by Nastasya94

Bed Pack-Knitted Stripe in 6 Colours by wendy35pearly

Eyeliner Retexture by BobbySims

Anyone can Swipe Mod by itasan2

Swipe_NoNeedForTrait allows your sims to steal an object even if your sims have no Kleptomaniacs trait.
Swipe_NoNeedForInterval allows your sims to steal another object at once after stealing an object. Your sims don't need to wait for 2 hours but you sims aren't rewarded with an Energized buff.