Thursday, March 17, 2016

Old Pier Shops & More by Hafuhga

TS2 Camp Set Conversion by Mimoto

TS3 The Last Bedroom Conversions by MXIMS

Ceccotti Collezion Three Piece Bench and Planter by KiaraRawks

Studded Suede Ankle Boots for Females by DreamTeamSims

Hair for Females by Teanmoon

Spring Lily Skirt in 12 Colors by Ameranthe

Savant Trait Faster Skills (1.15.55) by Shimrod101

After acquiring the Savant Trait a sim will skill 25% faster in vanilla game, which isn't very noticeable. This mod alters the trait such that the sim skills up 5 times faster or 12 times faster. The point of this is to use this mod and the Savant trait as a fast skills mod; thereby avoiding the wonky side effects from all of the fast skills mods which have been made, at least the ones I've heard of.

When a sim skills up quicker to a higher level with this mod, the new skill level is real, the actual new skill level of the sim. If the mod is uninstalled, the UI does not adjust the sim back down to a level where they 'should have been' as is happening with the wonky fast skills mods. That issue doesn't occur here, it doesn't apply because the Savant Trait is constructed to give the sim this faster skilling ability; this mod simply increases the multiplier beyond where vanilla game has it.

TS3 Venue Bookshelf Conversions by Miguel

Wondymoon's Dysprosium Dining

Merry Sunshine Dress by Zauma

Tixal City by SimsDelsWorld

Leah Lillith Souls Hair for Females

Open Back Crop Top Recolors by Tukete

Lucky Palette Wallpaper by Sjane4prezcc

Emotional Eyes by AnvoSims

Bounce-in-Bounce-Out-Door-10 Bright Colour Door Set by wendy35pearly

Favorite Disaster Nightie by Yuichen

Earrings for Males and Females by Birksches

Lips by Cestiny

Amelia Living Set by Kardofe