Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sandy and Ellie Hair for Females by Cazy

- 2 -

Decorative Pumpkins by NewOne

All Wood Set by 13pumpkin

TS3 Blinds Conversion by Annett

Aileen Hair Chopped by BlahberryPancake

Bistrot de Paris Dining Set Recolors by Oldbox

R Skin for Females by RemusSirion

Cattie Dress for Girls by StandardHeld

Alice Madness Returns: Plants and Mushrooms by MimotoSims

The brain swap machine with poses by necrodog

Clothing Recolors by DeelitefulSimmer

2 - 3

Clawdeen Doll by ColoresUrbanos

Wallpaper and Floors by TheMalle

Spiritual Custom Trait by kateintheAM

I originally had uploaded this on my Simlish in the City Tumblr, but as I have not been keeping up with it as much as I'd like, I wanted to have a more permanent spot in the Sims community so people can enjoy this trait. I tried to make this trait as inclusive as possible, not necessarily focusing on any real life religions or beliefs. I may continue to update it with more whims and more spiritual-like behavior if you guys like it!

Introducing the Spiritual Trait!
Sims won't get Flirty or Angry, but they will become Inspired, Focused, and Happy.
Sims are obsessed with spreading the "good word." They will have whims to befriend and talk to everyone.
This trait is available to all ages and genders.

TS3 Boxed Snake Plant, Leaning Bicycles and Little Dipper Light Conversions by Sympxls

2 - 3

Carmin Hair by Anto

Decorative Drawing Tablet by ConfettiTS4CC

Electric Sheepskin Wall with Trim Override by OM

Little Devil Accessories for Kids by Fuyaya