Friday, August 26, 2016

Wallpaper by Itseveysims

The Calabasas Commons Community Lot by BeverlyHillsSims

Backyard Stuff Dining Table and Chair Recolors by TheRenegadeGnome

Feral Hair by Anto

Vanilla Study by JomSims

Portable Professional Photography Studio by CinderelliMouse

While playing with the handheld cameras and the photography skill in my game this week, I randomly had the idea of making a portable version of the photo studio camera. So… I made one! I also separated out the backdrop and a lamp. All three objects are portable, can be put in an inventory, and can be dragged in live mode on lots. All three objects have their own new custom tuning.

Accessory Plaid Shirt by LumySims

Drowned Out Skin for Males and Females by XLDSims

Provence Bed Set by GreenGirl100

Wallpaper by HamburgerCakes

Ceiling Decor Recolors by Oldbox

TS3 Tracy Mid Top Conversion by EllieSimple

Updated Thick Round & Mock Mods Glasses by Tamo

Decluttered Corner Shelves Made Useable by DeathPlaysTheSims4

Off Shoulder Sweater Recolors by Tukete

Floor Tiles by LinaCherie

Simple Dress by WitheredLilies

IKEA Office Set, Tjusig Hallway Set and DC Shoes Deco by MXIMS