Friday, July 17, 2015

Yoga Set by Martine

Wooden Bed Frame by Roundog

Folding Chair by Helen

Meditation Time Clutter by Sandy

LumiaLover Sims / EA Hair Edit by MintyOwls

Rebecca's TSM to TS2 Peasant Bath Tub for TS4 by Motherof70

Slim Fit Jeans for Males by Chisami

MJ95's Madlen Pegamon Shoes

T-Shirts for Males by Rusty Nail

7 Ways to No Random Hats on NPC's By Request by Simmiller

There are 7 downloads to choose from. These are overrides, and replace the original game files.

4 of these are "merged" files, and are meant for players with all the expansion packs and stuff packs who want to remove all the hats either within the 3 different categories, or all the hats, period, as of the date of this posting. Only the merged file for "All 28 Hats" also contains my override file for Awesome Animal Hats, so if you choose this download, be sure to remove the override for Awesome Animal Hats first, if you have it. These files are quite large and may or may not slow down game performance, depending on your computer. I wanted, however, to give you this option.

The other 3 files contain separate files for EACH hat within each category, so Base Game players MUST choose from those. Others with all the expansions and packs may choose from these 3 files as well. When you open one of the 3 "separate files" downloads, you will see the files for each hat, and you will be able to pick and choose which ones to extract to your downloads folder.

Do NOT choose a hat that you don't have in your game! They will not work for you and could cause your game to crash!

Lipstick by S-Club

Spa Day Hair Converted for Girls, Female Hair for Males and French Braid Edit by Birksches

2 - 3

Eyebrows for Males & Females by Tifa

Glamour - Luscious Lips By Christine by Christine11778

Amber Avenue by Marandile

Spa Day Clothing Recolors for Females by JorghaHaq

Tea Brewer by LadyBereniche

Clothing for Adult Females by MzEnvy20

Leather Lettermen Jackets for Teen - Elder Males by InfiSim