Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Baker Bedroom Set by ShinoKCR

Basic Wool Cardigan for Males and Females by Rusty Nail

Little Runaway Poses, Accessory and Objects Set by KiaraRawks

Harvestable Cocoa Bean + Optional-Recipes require Cocoa Bean Override by icemunmun

Bow Bun Hair by S-Club

Alexia Top by SerenityCC

Labor Puddles by PolarBearSims

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first mod!

This is updated for newest game patch on 2/2/17

This mod creates puddles of water under your seem during labor. Each time your sim contracts there will be puddles. As of right now after multiple code changes I haven't figured out how to stop a puddle each time the sim contracts. I am currently happy with how this mod works and may not return to it to change the amount the sim's water breaks lol I will, however, do my best to keep the mod updated for each patch.

This mod is base game and doesn't require any expansion or stuff packs.

If you have a mod that allows teen pregnancy, it works with teens as well.

I have tested the mod with no mods in my folder and with MCCC. I used MCCC to force my sim into labor for testing. I have tested this mod multiple times and has worked good so far in my game.

This is an override of the labor xml file listed below:

Since this is an override, most likely will conflict with any other mod that overrides the same file. Use at your own risk with other mods.

With my testing, as of right now it is compatible with MCCC and has not had any problems.

Do not upload this mod as your own and ask permission before posting to another site. Thank you

Thank you all for your support!


Wiccan Doves Sili Fantasy Dress by Wiccans Wares

Power Napping on Sofas by LittleMsSam

Hello everyone,

this little tuning mod overrides the Napping interaction on sofas.

Don't upload this mod on other sites without permission, thx

Checked with Game Version ><

What i added with this mod:

Napping time:

15-20 minutes (default ~100min)

Motive Energy:

Your Energy bar will fill much faster. See Pictures.

Sith Robe without Gloves by DelisSims

Business Suit by Cepzid Sims

Mathilda Hair by Birksches

TS3 Shoes Converted by CandyCaneSugary

Sofi Dress by Colores Urbanos

Black Eye by RatBoySims

Nursat Corset by JomSims

Clothing and Shoe Recolors by Sympxls

Hair Recolors by GeniSims

Healing from Anxiety and Liberated Traits by iridescentlaura

"Healing from Anxiety" trait  - Details:

 With this trait i wanted to add a positive part to this disorder, the fact that's possible to FEEL BETTER. What i meant about "healing" is accepting it and deal with it.

I won't give you all the details about this trait because i think it's nice to find out during gameplays.

This trait has the following buffs:

Four buffs that are allowed indoors and home lot; (tense, inspired, uncomfortable and sad).

One that is allowed outdoors; (Happy)

Five that works practicing the following skills:

Fitness; (Focused)

Wellness; (Energized)

Singing; (Confident)

Charisma; (Happy)

Writing. (Focused)

In Water Poses by Princess Paranoia