Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hair Edits for Males and Females by Rusty Nail

Shaker Kitchen Addons - 1 and 2 Tile Roman Blinds

Mouna Desk and Wall Bookshelf by CassimsCC

Belle de Jour and Soft Wavy Hair for Females by Birksches

2 - 3

Accessory Rabbit Hood Duffle Coat by Marigold

Updated Dance Mirror by Sandy

Accessory and Decorative Food Set by JenniSims

Movie Hangout Dining Set Recolors by blueshreveport

Grilled Cheese Stuff Pack by GrilledCheeseAspiration

Artistic Prodigy Trait by MissLogicielle

These Sims are literally born with a paintbrush in their hands. They'll always be happy in front of a canvas and they're inspired by default.
Sims with this trait will:
-Learn the Painting skill faster compared to those who don't have the skill.
-Will be Inspired by default.
-Children will learn the Creativity skill faster.
-Want to paint.

TS2 Pet Bed Conversion by Biguglyhag

Valentine Dress by Unbichobolita

The Authoritarian Custom Trait by DrkMightyena

Vintage High Waist Jeans for Females by Cleotopia

Sintiklia Afra Hair for Females

Cropped Sweatshirt in 27 Recolors by Tukete

Spiral Earrings by LaLunaRossa

Polka Dot Cardigan Converted for Boys by BlazingLegend

No Brain Freeze by Neia

Tired of the brain freeze animation every time your Sim eats an ice cream, or worse, a group of Sims eats ice creams ? This mod disables this brain freeze animation completely.

Adventure Dress by ChocolateMuffinTop

Paintings by Kyma

Lace Crop Top in 12 Recolors by ChickenCrumpet

Unify Hair, Makeup and/or Tattoos by Lynire

Reason for the mod

Changes made to hair in CAS in Sims 4 sometimes apply to the other outfits there and sometimes don't. I've spend a lot of time on my sims in CAS getting their makeup and hair applied to multiple outfits. I wrote this mod to simplify the process.

 What it does

This unifies hair, makeup and/or tattoos across all outfits by copying the selected of those items from everyday outfit 1. So before using this, you will want to set your sim's everyday outfit 1 to have the hair, makeup and/or tattoos you want copied to all the other outfits. This mod works only in Live mode in the cheat console. It doesn't unify items automatically; changes are applied only when you invoke the mod's command. So you can at any time change these items for individual outfits normally in CAS. If you invoke it without any arguments, you get a usage statement: