Sunday, September 13, 2015

Denim Jackets for Males in 10 Swatches by MarvinSims

Unify Hair, Makeup and/or Tattoos by Lynire

Reason for the mod

Changes made to hair in CAS in Sims 4 sometimes apply to the other outfits there and sometimes don't. I've spend a lot of time on my sims in CAS getting their makeup and hair applied to multiple outfits. I wrote this mod to simplify the process.

 What it does

This unifies hair, makeup and/or tattoos across all outfits by copying the selected of those items from everyday outfit 1. So before using this, you will want to set your sim's everyday outfit 1 to have the hair, makeup and/or tattoos you want copied to all the other outfits. This mod works only in Live mode in the cheat console. It doesn't unify items automatically; changes are applied only when you invoke the mod's command. So you can at any time change these items for individual outfits normally in CAS. If you invoke it without any arguments, you get a usage statement:

This copies the hair, makeup and/or tattoos from everyday outfit 1 to all the other outfits.
This only applies to outfits that already exist. Those that don't exist can't be used and are skipped.
usage: unifyhmt [SimFirstName SimLastName] [h|hair] [m|makeup] [t|tattoos]
If the sim name is omitted, then the current sim is used.

Mirage Apartments by Jenba

Betsy Bed Frame in 20 Colors and 7 Wood Textures by DreamCatcherSims

Cherry Bomb Hair for Females by Simduction

TS2 LeeHee Curio Bedroom Set Conversion by Rachel

15 Slots on EA's Microwaves - Default Override by OM

Have you ever wanted to put things on top of the Sims 4 microwaves just like people do in real life?  Now you can.  This mod adds 15 slots to the top of all the EA microwaves currently in the game.  It is a default override containing just the resources needed to add slots.  This means that there won't be any extra catalog entries or extra stuff lagging your game.  

The Sims use the microwave as usual even if you have an item in every single slot.  All the slots are small deco slots except for the one in the center which is a medium slot.  Nothing about the microwaves will change except that you can now put stuff on top of them.

Lips by Pyxiidis


Watches for Females by S-Club

Halvsies Makeover - No CC by Tamo

Plastic Rainbow Bracelet in 22 Colors by StandardHeld

Cecille Top in 27 Colors & 10 Patterns for Teen - Elder Females by Lucia

TS2 Halloween Decor Conversions by GrilledCheeseAspiration

Corner Sofa, Chair, Globe and Coffee Table Books Recolors by Hvikis