Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lilit Dining Room Set by Severinka

TS3 Jars of Electric Flies Conversion by OmorfiMera

Alphonse Bathroom and Diptyque Scented Candles by Altus Sims

iPhone Deco & Stereo by NewOne

Decorative Food by Imadako

Updated - All SaudadeSims Bedding Fixed

Skysims 262 Hair for Females

102 Recolors of Vampire Aninyosaloh’s Enticing Eyes by The Simperience

Pseudodigs TS3 Rugs Conversion by Chisami

Clothing Shop Set by Gazoul

ArtVitalex's Faktum Kitchen

Cabinet-compatible fridges by plasticbox

Eagle Tiara by BEO

7 Wood Beds - Madura Serie - volume 1 by Blackgryffin

More Sims at the Bar, Nightclub and Lounge v1.1 by simmythesim

Version 1.1 is released! It is recommended but not necessary to update as I have updated to fix some emptiness in the venues at night by adding a desired minimum sim value.

Are you tired of your 3 story nightclub only having 5 sims? With this mod, there are always at least 15 sims in your bars, lounges and nightclubs. This increases the amount of "barfly"sims.

Updated - The Harbinger Fridge by plasticbox

Chocolate Box Tudor - No CC by KrazyAngelKat81