Monday, August 31, 2015

Angela’s KD French Shutters in 13 Solid Recolors and 10 Fabrics by BLewis

TS3 Zveki and Pocci Tables, Desk (in 24 Wood and Concrete Textures) and Music Decor by DreamTeamSims

Carmen Kitchen & Decor Recolors by PqSim4

Nightcrawler Break Free Hair for Females

Hacienda Table, Chairs, Decor and More by TKAngie

Distressed Persian Rugs by NyGirl

Blanket & Pillow + Chest Recolors by Ilona

Shades of Purple Carpet Floors by Veranka

Kiara24 Sunset Hair for Girls

Aloe Bathroom Set by Ung999

Gathered Corset Back Dress, Corset Back Peplum Shirt in 33 Colors and Leggings in 24 Colors

2 - 3

Sleeker Iron Oasis Replacement Table by OM

Verona House - No CC by Fake Houses Real Awesome