Monday, August 29, 2016

Santa Clara Kitchen Set - 25 New Objects by SaudadeSims

S4 CAS Tools by CmarNYC

This is a full-purpose tool for creating CAS custom content for TS4. It's specifically meant to work with Milkshape 3D and to get around the limitations of using MS3D for Sims 4 meshes, but many of the functions can be done with OBJ files which can be used by almost any meshing program.

Here's a summary of the functions:

Cloning Tool - clone from game packages or custom packages

Clone Package Editor - working with custom content packages
General CAS part properties - properties applied to all recolors
Recolor Manager - properties for each recolor
Mesh Manager - export and import meshes
General Mesh Manager - fixes / changes applied to all meshes
Mesh Region Manager - view / modify regions
Thumbnail Manager - set up custom thumbnails

Glamour Headboard in 32 Vibrant Colors by Sims4Wonderland

Magnolia Daycare - No CC by RedHotChiliSimblr

Nature Boy Skin Blend by Pyxiidis

True Romance Dress by LemonJelly

Back To School Fall Blazers for Kids by JosieSimblr

Old Widenburg Pool - No CC by Zzz-Danaya

Scented and Safe Mirrors and A Squirt and Happy Teeth by PictureAmoebae

- 2 -

Sunglasses and Chokers by JomSims

Baseball Jerseys by Waekey

Claire Hair by Birksches

Updated Rugs by LinaCherie

Reyes Dress by XChrisCreations

TS3 AMR Mad Hatter Chair Conversion by BigUglyHag

Unofficial Hair Conversions for Girls by Simiracle

CC Wrench Icon Remover for Swatches by morgaloth68

Mid Wavy Bob Recolors by Plumboby

Meredith Dress by LorinaSims

Crop Tops and Jeans by JS Sims 4

Diva Queen Gown by JomSims

Pet Stories Reward Cat Condo by BigUglyHag

CAS Backgrounds by Annett