Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Chowder House by Jenba

Bracelets for Females by S-Club

TS2 Dining and Decor Conversions by LindseyxSims

Alesso Aphrodite Hair for Females

TS2 Daisla Two Tigers Conversion by Noiranddarksims

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Family House No. 10 by JarkaD

Boat Shoes in 49 Colors for Males & Females by StandardHeld

Butterflysims 078 Hair for Females


Custom CAS Trait: Elven by DrewShivers

Today, the family has gathered together. Parents, guardians, children and members young and old come as a single unit under one roof to celebrate love and ancestry. As you seat yourself next to the window, you can’t help but notice a few strange looking sims beyond the treeline gathering. Familiar or not, they appear as any other sim except for a few peculiar features. Elongated ears and a grace to their step is apparent but before you get the chance to gasp, you’ve already been noticed and offered a friendly smile from afar. Nothing to fear here.

Heritage is often an important factor within the life of an everyday sim. Many come from a rich background of family and culture traditions and celebrations as well as rituals and rites. Throughout the world, mysterious beings dwell right in the hearts of various towns and cities but wield a bloodline that runs far deeper than mere settlers and legacy and legacy of everyday sims growing. Not only do these people have ancient roots but they wield various abilities and talents that come to them naturally through blood.

Elven Sims:

Learn Bartending skill 30% faster
Learn Homestyle/Gourmet Cooking 70% faster
Learn Guitar 70% faster
Learn Violin skill 80% faster
Learn Painting 70% faster
Learn Gardening skill 70% faster
Learn Logic skill 70% faster
Decrease in Programming skill gain by 30%
Decrease in Handiness skill gain by 30%
Decrease in Rocket Science skill gain by 30%
Decrease in Video Gaming skill gain by 30%
50% increase to relationships
Autonomy actions include those of the Art Lover, Cheerful, Foodie, Creative, Bookworm, Self Assured, Neat, Music Lover, Goofball, Genius, Outgoing, Loves Outdoors, Ambitious, Perfectionist, Good traits and the Playful, Inspired, Happy, Focused, Flirty and Confident emotions
Whims include those of the listed traits and emotions above, cooking, skill gains, creative interactions, socializing, love and family instances

Swimwear for Females - All Ages by Inabadromance

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