Thursday, June 23, 2016

Accessory Waitress & Waiter Apron by SrslySims

Skyrim Glazed Pottery by Mara45123

Wallpaper by Hanna4122

- 2 -

Resized Canning Jars by OmorfiMera

Alternative Bun Hair for Females by Kiara24

Maxis Match Skintones, 54 new skins for your sims(and 26 for aliens)! by Kitty25939

Drop Out of High School and Get a Real Job by telford

These mods will allow your teens to drop out of High School and get real jobs. Teens with a C or D grade in High School will drop out and be able to join any of the base game and Get to Work adult careers.

High School Dropout

Install either the "No high school - C grade" or the "No high school - D grade" packages (or both) to have your teens drop out when their grades drop to those levels. If you don't want you kids to age up to a teen that can't go to high school use the D grade package only.

Use the "Careers.demote Highschool" cheat to get your teen to drop out of High School.

MJ95's Madlen Alvaro Shoes

Wallpaper by Annett

Skyrim Solitude Wallpaper by Mara45123

Ellie Wedding Dress by BEO

Sasha Hair V2 by StandardHeld

TS2 & TS3 Clutter, Living and More Conversions by Ilona

Hire One Additional Host - Restaurant by lindseyy

"Dine Out Game Pack Required"
I have always wanted to be allowed to hire two host for my restaurant instead of one in The Sims 4 Dine Out and now you can do just that.

When you purchase a restaurant, you are only allowed to hire one host. With this mod, you will have the ability to hire one additional host once you have obtained enough perk points. Once you have obtained enough perk points you will be able to unlock one additional host through your Restaurant Perks. I hope you all Enjoy

Moira Hair for Females by Birksches

Smaller functional Counter Top Stove. Better meshing. by necrodog

Misc Clutter by JenniSims

Room Devider by jindann

Applause Clapboard with Rustic Riverstone by AquaGamerTV

Lips by Tifa

Luna Dress by CherrySlice

The World’s End: Pub and Restaurant by SimDoughnut