Wednesday, January 14, 2015

European City Center (No CC) by SimsDelsWorld

Newsea Savior Hair for Females

ShinoKCR's Potterybarn Homeoffice

Plaid Cushions by Martine

The Banged Bob Hair for Females by LaraCroftFan1

Thanks OM

Updated - Notebook V2 by plasticbox

CAS Idle Replacements - No wiggling around by Andrew

Ever tried to take a screenshot in CAS and just as you take it, the Sim turns its head and starts making a weird face and they won't hold still?  Tried zooming in to detail mode and they finally stop doing that, but you are too close to take a shot of the clothes you made?

This mod replaces the default idle poses so that they match the zoomed in one.  They will no longer wiggle around and make silly faces and grimaces while you are trying to take a screenshot of the clothes that you made for them.

If you would like the wiggling back, just take the package out of your mods folder

Thanks OM

Chiffon Dresses by TheStoriesSimsTell

Alien & Albino Eyes by Vicarious Living

Thong Underwear for Teen - Elder Females by KisaFayd

Dresses by April

These and more

All Outdoor Retreat Shoes Made Base Game Compatible by Pickypikachu