Monday, February 22, 2016

TSM Rustic Log Bed Conversion by JosieSimblr

Angelic Hair for Females by Wildspit

MJ95's Madlen Naxos Shoes

Simoleon Checks - For Transferring Larger Amounts by TreeLifeCreations

To assist in transferring larger amounts I have create sim “checks” using the same concept as my sim coins.

The Details:

- They come in 5 amounts ($100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000) all under the same catalog entry (so as not to clutter your buymode).

- Can be found under both Electronics -> Misc or Decoration -> Clutter.

- Can be dragged and placed in sim inventories.

- As they would be too hard to grab I have not made them stackable.

TS3 LittleM Heel Wedge Ankle Boots Conversion for Females by DreamTeamSims

Police Tape by Skeletal Screams

Long Soft Hair for Boys by Birksches

GTW Low Bun Braided Retexture by LeeleeSims1

Adele Dining Chair Recolors by Oldbox

TS4 Package Searcher by CmarNYC

This is a little tool to enable users to find resources in the TS4 game packages. You can enter any combination of Type, Group, and/or Instance ID - for example you can enter a full TGI (type, group, instance) to find which packages it's in, or you can enter a Type ID to find which packages contain that type.

Panda Bedroom Set for Kids by JomSims

Christian Louboutin Iriza D'orsay Pumps in Snakeskin by MrAntonieddu

Bedroom Paint Wallpaper by Nymphatictheunusual

Blanket Recolors by EnureSims

55 Objects Recolors by Slox

Sideways Hair in 18 Recolors for Females by GayPixelPeople

ButterflySims 155 Hair Retexture for Females by TheSimWithoutAName

TS2 Wheelchair Conversion by Skeletal Screams

Shirt Glitter Sleeve by PaffinaSims

Swaggy Suits, Zippy Boots, and Audacious Oxfords

Hair Retexture Set for Males and Females by BubblegummFish

Medium Soft Wavy Hair Recolors for Females by BlindingEchoes

More Intimate Emotional Support by Egureh

Lend Emotional Support is a really sweet interaction for couple, but why Sims act like they are just friends?
They merely HUG when lending emotional support to each other.
I believe hug is sweet as well, but it's can hug your other friend or your kid/parent too.
Though Lend Emotional Support is a Friendly interaction, soulmate couple is more than just friends, right?
So I replace the original HUG animation with EMBRACE animation. You may now embrace your spouse.

Sweatshirts for Males by AnvoSims

Red and Berry Matte Lipstick by EnticingSims


Skirts for Girls by xMisakix

Wallpaper by EmmorySims

Plush Animals by Miguel