Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Walking Dead Prison by Ruth Kay

Cabinet Slot Mod for All EA Cabinets by OM & Andrew

Sit On Stairs Mod by LumiaLover Sims

V-Neck Shirts for Males by Rusty Nail

Colors of New Orleans Build Set by Sandy

Stripe My Tee Pocketed V-Neck for Teen - Elder Males by Peacemaker ic

Pregnancy for everyone by Nukael

Since the original maker of the "Babies for everyone" mods seems to not be updating it, I've decided to upload my own updated version for patch It also works with Get To Work.

Original credit for making the first pregnancy mod goes to AgonistAgent

Be aware that this is not an updated version of "Babies for everyone". This version does some things differently, namely:

- This mod unlocks pregnancy for all genders and same s@x couples but only when you ask "Try for baby..." through the social menu or "Try for baby..." when clicking on a bed. All the other WooHoo places do not have the option for "Try for baby..." for same sex couples.

- Both partners become pregnant every time (whether they are female or male). So I highly recommend using the Pregnancy Mega Mod from here on MTS to manage individual pregnancies:

- Whims and mischief interactions are not modded. Sims will not get whims for same s@x pregnancies and you can't ask a male for his "Due date".

Get to work
This works with Get to Work, but when males are pregnant they will get the Alien glow on their belly and freak out during pregnancy. The baby, however, will have the genetics from the original parents. So if two humans tried for a baby, the baby will be fully human.

Other mods that edit pregnancy (except Pregnancy Mega Mod, it is compatible with this)

Dining Set Conversions and More by MsTeaQueen

This and more

Mix & Match Neutral Bed Frame, Blankets and Pillows by CallieVPlays

Shirts Tied Around The Waist Accessory by BlackLe

Newsea Parody Hair for Females

Termagant Chair Mesh Override by plasticbox