Monday, December 22, 2014

All Mirrors Move Like Paintings by OM

Color Overhaul for Modern Maxis Door by Ibael

Simple Slouchy Tank for Teen - Elder Females by Pickypikachu

Tattoos for Males & Females by Onelama

Wall Art Set 2 by WataSim

Turtleneck and Jeans for Females by NyGirl

Holiday Cheer House by HarleyQuinn

ModTempo Rug by AdonisPluto

TS3 to TS4 Sous/Chef Hats by LumiaLover Sims

Lamp Recolors by Inabadromance

Curtain Recolors by Sims4resources23

Peggy Hair Conversions and Elasims Retexture by JenniSims

Fire Hurts! by DrChillgood

Sims seem to get Uncomfortable over tiny quibbles like a less-than-tasty meal or a stray chip bag. Probably the first thing that should be Uncomfortable - being on fire - is Tense, for some reason. Coughing on the billowing fumes, in agony while on fire, covered in burn wounds represented by soot because this is a cartoony game - all of these sound incredibly painful, not frustrating like a hard day at work.

Also - you'd be pretty grateful to be alive after a fire, so I changed it to a Happy moodlet. Besides, if the fire was that bad, it would have left many things of yours burnt, and then you'd get Uncomfortable and Tense moodlets from the mess.

Note: The title is meant to be read as Dr. Chillgood creating a mod called "Fire Hurts!", not that the fires caused by Dr. Chillgood are painful. For one, Dr. Chillgood is a refrigerator and doesn't start fires.

Two Piece Outfit by PixelJewel

Newsea Foam Summer Maxis Match Retexture for Females by Amarathinee

E-Cigarette (Smoke Free Sim) by darkdatatrc

Male SpongeBob Hoodie by David Veiga

Paintings by Mango Sims

Brush The Bad Taste Away by DrChillgood

Got a nasty taste lingering in your mouth before work? You'd think brushing your teeth would get rid of it. But no, that less-than-tasty breakfast left you cranky and ruined your morning. It was just so yucky, you couldn't concentrate at work. As a result, you're just short of a promotion.

With my mod, this scenario will no longer happen! Now, brushing your teeth will get rid of bad moodlets from food or drinks that are low-quality or made with questionable ingredients, unless you're actually feeling queasy.

As a bonus, this changes the moodlet you get from brushing your teeth to a Happy moodlet. If you want to get Confident, psych yourself up in the mirror.

MeMe Underwear for Females by DecayClownSims