Thursday, August 18, 2016

Victorian Tweed Dresses by Historical Sims Life

Functional Public and Outdoor Shower by OhMySims404

Bedroom, Cubes and Curtain Recolors by Oldbox

BSR Aquarium by DelsGdr

Off Shoulder Top by Marigold

Decluttered Antique Writer's Desk by DeathPlaysTheSims4

Bed and Plants Conversion by MXIMS

New Hair for Males and Females by Wings

Beach Rugs by WaterWoman

Pony Bow Hair Converted for Adults by MeyokiSims

Bathing Suit and Yoga Pants in 46 Recolors by ThisIsDeeliteful

IM Kreis Dress by ECoast

Celestial Sphere Lamp Set by DOT

Sensitive Hair Recolors by PxelFolk

Single and Double Bed Recolors by MerrySims

- 2 -

Shoe Recolors by Pixelb0mb

Rugs by EightySixSims

Easel Recolors by AtomicVigilante

Socks by TongSomething