Saturday, October 10, 2015

IKEA Bedroom Set with 28 Variations by Sandy - Around The Sims

TS3 Tribeca Franklin Chandelier Conversion by GrilledCheeseAspiration

T-Shirts in 14 Swatches for Teen - Elder Males by JockerSims

Behr Wallpaper by Simsrocuted

Faux Glass Wall Set by NullspaceNancy

DOT's Fan Ceiling Lights Set - TSR

The Marigold by HarleyQuinn

TS3 Supernatural Fairy Houses Conversion by SrslySims

BoosterSims Georgia Hair Edit for Females

Marble Bathroom Set by DalaiLama - TheSimsLover

Get To Work Beanies in 50 New Swatches by StandardHeld

Author CAS Trait by drewstacey - MTS

These sims are all about creating worlds and stimulating the senses with their words. Authors easily find inspiration in anything and everything. These sims want to write all the the time and often find time to write instead of sleep