Tuesday, January 20, 2015

7 Windows with Shutters in 18 Colors by Kitkat

Nightcrawler Let Loose Hair for Females

Eternal and Immortal buyable traits by vitorpiresa

This mod adds two new buyable traits to the game:

Description: Sims with this trait do not age, but this does not prevent the Grim Reaper will lead them in other ways.
Price: 6000
Effect: Sims will not grow up

Description: Buying this trait, the name of your sim is automatically removed from the dreaded Grim Reaper tablet. Enjoy the eternal life!
Price: 8000
Effect: Sims will not die

Accessory iPhone 5 for Males & Females by A3ru

Madlen Mazel Shoe Recolors

Vibrant Braids for Men + Women, Including New Men's Mesh by Esmeralda

Denim Skirt Overalls by JS Sims 4

Indoor/Outdoor Mats by Amamatite

8 Paintings by IMHO

Blown Back Gel Conversion by TokSik

Visage Dress and Payne Boots by Sentate

Art Bundle by KeenPea

Eries Boots by Inabadromance

Clothing and Accessories by Irida Sims

Thanks Violablu

Outdoor Retreat Pigtails Braid and Buns Low Recolors by BustedPixels