Thursday, February 9, 2017

TS2 Curtain Conversions by 13Pumpkin31

Classic Menu by TwistedMexi

Are those gray icons on your menu bothering you?
Feels like a constant reminder that you don't have the "complete" collection, even though you don't really want whatever it is you're missing?
Maybe you just miss being able to go straight into CAS with your current game.

Personally, The new UI seems really cluttered and more about marketing than a quality of life improvement. So I've brought back the classic UI so you can play with a nice, clean menu that only has items you can actually use.

This will take your UI back to before the 17 yr anniversary update (don't worry, you can keep the shirt!). This also removes the locked worlds if you happen to be missing any.

Dione Hair and Flower Accessories by ChocolateMuffinTop

Hired Help Mod by rhames

I present to all of you, the first version of the Hired Help Mod.

This mod does the following:

1. Butlers: Removes the situational Butler uniform and instead uses the outfits you may or may not have designed and keeps the uniform from re-spawning every time you leave and return to your lot.

2. Nannies: Removes the situational Nanny uniform and instead uses the outfits you may or may not have designed and keeps the uniform from re-spawning every time you leave and return to your lot. Expands the age range of generated Nannies to include Young Adults because 20-somethings are never Nannies. No they're not. Most importantly, Nannies stay INDEFINITELY on your lot as long as you don't fire them, dismiss them or ask them to hang out. A word of advice, I strongly advise having Free Services on hand or you may not like the bill you get.....

I intend to add Maids and Gardeners shortly to this as well as expanded Hired Help features as they occur to me.

Meridia Living Room Set by JomSims

Embroidered Strappy Boho Dress by Ameranthe

Nose Masks by BrntWaffles

Washed Out Blue Flooring by Sympxls

Mannequin Uncapper by Lina

Have you ever wanted more mannequins? Are you tired of repeatedly downloading from the gallery to increase your capacity by a few mannequins and still getting that annoying error message when you try to plop one down? Or the little notice when you are in map view? This is the mod for you!

Mannequin Uncapper comes in two flavors, 100 mannequins per lot and 250 mannequins per lot. Do you want even more mannequins? Let me know!

Apartment Building by Bangsain

Framed Rifle Paper Chair Recolors by HamburgerCakes

Curtains by Devilicious

Delaney Manor - No CC by HarleyQuinn

TS3 Bayside Hamper and Carlisle Love Seat Conversions by Sympxls

12 Fingernails Colors by MaKySeK1989

Laced Heart Dress by Georgiaglm

Military Career by Neia

Add a new Military Career with three tracks : Sims Army, Sims Air Force, and Sims Navy

Military - Common

Level 1 : Recruit (25§/h, 200§/d)

Sims Army
Fitness, Logic and Handiness
Energized and Focused

Level 2 : Private (29§/h, 232§/d)
Level 3 : Corporal (38§/h, 304§/d)
Level 4 : Sergeant (51§/h, 408§/d)
Level 5 : First Sergeant (65§/h, 520§/d)
Level 6 : Sergeant Major (79§/h, 632§/d)
Level 7 : Second Lieutenant (100§/h, 800§/d)
Level 8 : First Lieutenant (120§/h, 960§/d)
Level 9 : Captain (150§/h, 1200§/d)
Level 10 : Major (175§/h, 1400§/d)
Level 11 : Colonel (200§/h, 1600§/d)
Level 12 : Brigadier General (225§/h, 1800§/d)
Level 13 : Major General (275§/h, 2200§/d)
Level 14 : General (281§/h, 2248§/d)

Gloves by Helgatisha

Gee Willikers Hair Edit by ApplePieDimples

Fix For Sims Not Sitting While Watching TV by Ravynwolvf

You could call this a temporary fix (until Maxis finds time in their busy day making packs to sell to fix it) for the bug where Sims are not sitting on a sofa or chair while watching TV or movies. I'm still not sure what became broken, but I went in and changed the advertising for the sofa, chair, and love seat from 10 to 1000, and it seems vastly improved. The Sims in my own game now use the seating about 95% of the time (occasionally they will still stand for whatever arcane reason they may have).

Unfortunately, because I didn't really fix the problem and instead more or less overpowered it, everyone else's own results may be slightly different; I just can't be sure with all the variables. I've been using it for a couple of days now, visiting different Sim's houses, and it has performed great. But different seating arrangements, Sim traits, emotions, etc, may throw it off. But hopefully you should see a big improvement in how often they decide to bend their knees.

They probably still won't sit down on items like beds, and various other seating items, simply because I didn't change the advertising on EVERYTHING. As it was, there was quite the list of xml files I had to edit to cover all the different channels and movies. And I still I couldn't get them to plant their tuchuses while playing video games using the same approach; not sure if I missed some files or what, but the way they decide to sit seems slightly different there.

There are two files; one JUST fixes the bug while watching TV, and the other JUST fixes the watching of movies that came in Movie Hangout Stuff, for which you'd need that pack. So you would want BOTH if you have Movie Hangout, and just the TV one if you don't.

So what the packages do is override the normal advertising on seating (just while using the TV) and should improve how often Sims choose to sit while watching TV or movies.

Band Posters by RebelCreators