Monday, March 9, 2015

Fendi The Fendista Platform Pumps by MrAntonieddu

IKEA Goodies by Veranka

Wood Floors by Ronja


Bedspread & Pillows Recolors by MsTeaQueen

Thanks Violablu

Daisy - Beaded Long Dress for Teen - Elder Females by Lunararc

Wood Floors by Mabra

ShinoKCR's Under The Stairs Dresser and Loft Curtains

Wooden and Moroccan Floors + Bonus Shabby Windows by EyemythSims

TS3 Plants Conversions by Inabadromance

Simple laundry room detergents recolors by nightstar

PB; Mod Pod (Twin) Sleeper Recolours by Menaceman44

Alesso 60s Hair for Females

Blankets, Pillows and Rugs by PureSims

Japanese Vending Machines by DominationKid