Friday, August 7, 2015

ShinoKCR Newport Living Set

TS2 Rensim Nosebulb Skin Detail by Simtzu

Custom Sims 4 Trait: Powerhouse by DrewShivers

Decided to hop into the athletic career? Maybe you’re just a fitness nut for the fun? Perhaps you even want to get ripped? But who wants to progress normally? There are two kinds of people in the sim world my friends.There are Pro Athletes and then there are Powerhouses.

Sims with the Powerhouse trait have several pros and a few cons but it makes it all worth while to get that six pack and flex those muscles off to the ladies or even the fellas.

As a Powerhouse, you learn the fitness skill at a rapid rate of approximately 170%. That’s not quite double, but 70% faster than your average athlete. You’re a beast after all! Sims with this trait will have a little harder time keeping relationships high due to their enthrallment of working out, but not at an overwhelming rate. Despite having a little trouble managing friendships, Powerhouses rely much less on socialization as they are too busy working out. Because of their high endurance and constant need to keep going, they make sleep a minor convenience and are wonderful woohoo partners.

With every pro comes a con and the Powerhouse is no exception. Their hygiene tends to decay much more quickly than the average sim. They need to bathe in a bathtub every once in awhile, not just sweat, you know? Friendships also decay a little faster than normal. But honestly, with that pumped up reflection in the mirror and workout equipment to talk to, do you really need all those friends?

Energized by default
Hygiene decays faster
Relationships decay slightly faster than normal
Learn fitness skill 70% faster
Whims include Energized & Confident desires
Energy decays slower
Can never be Tense
Can never be Playful
Can never be Dazed

The Manbob Hair for Males

TS2 Avalon Bathroom Conversion by Dalailama

Sentate Verity Polo Neck & Pencil Skirt (Set)

Miniature TARDIS by SleezySlakkard

TS2 Atavera Double Neck Guitar and Gibson Explorer Conversions by Reality76

Ponytail Curled Hair Recolors for Females by PaffinaSims

Jacket and Swimwear for Females by Marigold

TS3 ITF Bathroom Conversion by Veranka

Sasha Hair Recolors by StandardHeld

Original creator deleted their tumblr again so this will be deleted unless the mesh becomes available.

Boots for Males and Clothing for Females by WitheredLilies

LumiaLoverSims Crew Cut Edit in NikSim Colors by EllesMea

Fingernails by S-Club

TS2 Mouseyblue Superstition Eyes by LullabySims

Sumin Baek by SSvkura

Adore Eyeliner by Plumbobsnfries

Eye Shadow by JenniSims

Belted Skirts and Shoe Recolors by JavabeanDreams

Birba32's Provenza Set

Female Hair Retexture and Recolors by LuaSimmer