Monday, September 22, 2014

David Sims Retro Hairstyle for Females

False Lashes - 5 Colors Mascara by -Shady-

MoveObjects on Cheat by TwistedMexi

It's here - MoveObjects on allows you to place objects where they would normally wouldn't be able to be placed. The current version allows for placement inside of other objects and deletion of mailboxes via command. Objects can not be placed inside of walls yet.

Eyebrow Texture Overhaul by Kijiko

Real Eye Replacements by Vicarious Living

Expanded Physique Range (Heavy, Lean, Fit, Bony) by EVOL_EVOLVED


 This mod does work, your modified sims will save. But you must follow these directions.
 You must change a clothing item in CAS for the changes to show on the sim.
 To save your sims new physique this mod requires the No Fatness / No Muscles mod by scripthoge otherwise when you save the game or change lots they will revert back to the normal physique range.

M to F - Slim Watch by Evaporate

Huffman Victorian by SimplyMorgan

EA Crop Pants in All of Relia's Retro Colors by Plumbobbles

Boate Nightclub by Via Sims

Converse Sneakers for Males by Mumfordandsims

KanoYa Earrings N3

Some Smart Watches by Nandonalt

Rainbow Hair for Girls by Niteskkysims

Great Family Manor by Frau Engel

Denim Skirts for Girls by Deardaisysims

Moschino FW14 by jeancr874

Comic Sweaters by Sims4ego

Crop Tops and Jeans for Females by PixelJewel

Pajama Pants with Fun Patterns by jennyfer2004

Lipstick by Simaniacos