Thursday, January 5, 2017

Doe Eyes by Crybvbies

Normann Copenhagen Kabino Sideboard & Dresser by Minc78

Pansy Long Jacket by Ooobsooo

City Living Karaoke Machine Edit by SuiminntyuuSims

TS3 Animal Bedroom and Bathroom Set Conversions by ChillisSims

Skirts by Karzalee

IKEA Pillows by Natatanec

These and more

Default and Non Default Eyes by AveiraSims

Turtlenecks and Crop Tops by MeeyouX

- 2 -

String Dreads Hair by Birksches

Always a Good Rummage - Override Rummaging for Sims 4 by simmerduck

Ever been sick of rummaging through bins only to find one item? Your slob sims having a hard time finding something to be happy about? I've got you covered with Always a Good Rummage. This mod allows for sims who enjoy rummaging through garbage to collect ore items that are mostly only available through catching frogs etc. This mod makes it easier by giving you FIVE items per rummage, not only that, but its A 100% CHANCE of getting these items so your slob sims can always be happy. The default value is a 20% of obtaining 1 item.

Fit N' Flare Dress and Skirts by DeetronSims

IKEA Chair Recolors by Budgie2budgie

Eye Shadow by HoshiSim

Salt and Pepper Shakers by pickleddeer

Pearson Place - No CC by Valpre

Marlowe Hair by DazzledSimblr

Wallpaper by Tatschu

TS3 Rose Hair Conversion by MclayneSims

Chic Jeans in 20 Colors by Pinkzombiecupcakes

Tattoos by MXFSims