Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Makeup by Kijiko

Sheer Button Up Dress, Chunky Sandals and Lace Socks by Marigold

2 - 3

Topanga Corner Bar and Wine Bottles by KiaraRawks

Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals by MrAntonieddu

TS3 Random Apartment Conversions by EnureSims

Bridesmaid Flare Dress by NyGirl

Butterfly Wings by S-Club

Foxbrook Ln House by Simplexes

Earrings for Males and Females by Birksches

Severinka's Billiards Set

Ripped Jeans for Females by Annabellee25

Furniture Recolors by Alelore

Dining Set by Steffor

Rooms by Dinha