Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Living Mannequin Mod 1.0 by G1G2

So it is the 17th sims anniversary so i thought i would bring back some nostalgia from the older sims games particularly the sims 2 so here this mod/costume make the mannequins alive.

  • -the mannequins are a costume found in face paint available from toddlers to to elders.
  • -the other part is a trait without adding them Mannequins are like any normal sims
  • -the trait is available for all age and its under life style.
  • -the trait makes your mannequins needless they don't need to eat nor sleep or dispose or shower etc.
  • -the trait also with buffs that are related to mannequins like "lacking life"
  • "what am i" and "how life feels like" images down in spoilers.
  • -the trait will make sims having them super great if they are npc working in a retail store or if they have a "teen retail" as a part time job.

DayWalker Vampires by TwistedMexi

Feel like your vampires deserve more lots to pick from? Or perhaps they wouldn't mind a dayshift at work for once.

Well we believe vampires are awesome too. They've earned some freedom, right? So let's give them what they want and make them all daywalkers, yeah?

This mod globally prevents your vampires from combusting when out for a mid-day stroll.

Unbent Smoothness Bumper Pack Wallpaper by Amoebae

Jogger Sets for Males and Females by Ooobsooo

Highchair Recolors by NoodlesCC

Toddler Twisted Updo by Georgiaglm

Vintage Vampires Clothing, Crown and Hair Recolors by VivificusZombiae

Curtains by Souris

Woohoo Hair by BrntWaffles

Pentagram earrings by cowplant-simmer

Modern White and Black Doors by simsessa

Bedroom Recolors by Amamatite

Clothing and Shoes by Leeloo's Outlet