Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cazy Raindrops Hair for Females - TSR

Dining Chair to Bar Stool Conversions by PeachAndHerPan

Very Low Stone Wall by Plasticbox - MTS

TS2 Swetoslawna’s 5 Fantasy Thrones Conversions by HistoricalSimsLife

Centuries Dress in 15 Colors for Teen - Elder Females by Amylet

Weathered Dresser with 58 Slots by OM - Sims 4 Studio

Optimistic Trait for The Sims 4 by LucasNovato005

Sims optimistic are full of confidence and know what to say at the right time!

-Sims Optimists are more socially unstable and his social necessity falls a little slower.
-Sims Optimists earn the needs fun and faster social.
-Sims Optimists gain charisma need faster.
-Sims Optimistic do well in friendship, love and the various interactions.
-Two Modifiers were added. One leaves the rather confident and the other happy.

TS2 Misc Plants & Clutter Conversions by MioSims

Plasticbox Bathtub Curtain Recolors by Annett

Infinitely Warmer Scarf in 80 Recolors by LeeleeSims1

Slightly Tilted Vintage Simlish Paintings by OM - Sims 4 Studio

Twinkle Star Wings by UntraditionalNerd

Fancy Wool Coat in 12 Colors for Girls by Unbichobolita

Butterflysims 099 Hair Retexture in 60 Colors by AveiraSims