Thursday, December 3, 2015

Functional Sewing Machine by 8bitcookie

Smooth AsF Hair by Xalder

Daislia - Asian Pavilion by Noiranddarksims

Cribs by WildlyMiniatureSandwich

Newsea Picnic Hair for Females


Loose Knit Socks by Marigold

TS2 Kitchen Decor & Blinds Conversions by MsTeaQueen

Forestgreen Shade Awning by artrui

Nightcrawler Hair 01 Clayified by SlapshotSims

Stone Terrains by LaLunaRossa

Bioshock Finkton Door and Statue by Ozyman4

ShinoKCR's Art Deco Bedroom

Scrooge Trait by DrewShivers

Ah, the holidays are nearing! Presents are being wrapped and joy is being spread throughout each and every heart in town-except for one beating box that just can’t seem to gather any warmth from the surrounding love in the air. Though frigid, testy and incredibly greedy, this scrooge just might find it in his heart to learn compassion this year. No one ever grants him visits nor pays him any mind, for they know of his spiteful ways, but perhaps he may get a special visitor this year to change his mind. Or three..


No default mood
Need Decay
Fun decays 35% slower
Social decays 20% slower
Skill Gains
Learn the Mischief skill 20% faster
Friendships increase 3% slower
Mischievous relationships increase 10% faster
The Hot Headed, Hates Children, Loner, Materialistic and Snob traits are active. Materialistic has the highest adjusted rate.
When it comes to material items, any scrooge will want to own bigger and better. The more money is costs, the better. The sim will want to buy items for the house that are X amount of simoleons. The price increases with each advance
Not only does the sim wish to purchase items, but admiring them is important as well as bragging
Numerous pranks and cruel tricks are desired to initiate
From time to time, the sim will wish to be alone
On the rare occasion that a fight occurs, the scrooge might find it in their cold heart to wish to apologize
Special Buff
“Bah! Humbug!”
While angered, the sim will receive a small buff that briefly increases the rate of mischievous relationships and the mischief skill itself. Mean behavior will of course be desired as well as the anger settles into the sim.

Nightcrawler Da Bomb Retexture by AveiraSims

Clothing for Girls by VintageySims

Luxury & Comfort - Hotel Chair by Ooh-la-lá!

Necklace by JomSims

Gelina Live Edge Tables by Mio

MJ95's Madlen Subota Boots

Clothing for Females by NyGirl

2 - 3 - 4

Christmas Pillows by Mabra