Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Updated Tables, Chairs and All Restaurant Clutter by Sandy

Updated Hairs by Kijiko

Doctor Career Reimagined by coolspear1

New Addition - More Co-workers (Light)

1) 1 Task Gives Max

Exactly in the same way it works for the Scientist version. All your doctor need do is one, single task up on the Daily Task Board and it will fill the bar to max. Then that's it, you are a fantastic worker who will get top reports and top rewards for the day, and that day has only just begun! The rest of the day, you can lark about till your heart's content. Your job, your way. Or you could carry on doing more tasks if you feel in any way sorry for those poor, sick sims. You are a doctor, and you did take an oath after all. So put down those golf clubs and go help the sick.

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Sunwave and Bomb Hair for Females by Birksches

Sheer Party Top in 64 Colors by StandardHeld

Beddy Bye Bed Mattress by WMS

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Restaurant by Bangsain

Clothing for Females by NyGirl

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Ye Olde Universitee Ivy Retexture by ConceptDesign97Sims

Fairy Wedding Dress by BEO

Round Toe Boots by Toskami