Friday, February 20, 2015

The Salvatore Mansion - No CC by Waterwoman

Sophia Bedding Recolors by OM

Various Hair Retextures by Swirlgoodies

Sofa & Floor Pillows Recolors by 13Pumpkin31

Vintage Travel Posters by Pixelatedllama

Cream Sailor Dress by JS Sims 4

Stealthic Runway Hair for Females

People-Oriented Trait! by sarahhamaya

With this trait, your sim will:

- Your Sims social need will increase very high.

- Love to interact with other people and have fun, so FUN need will increase as well.

- They will gain Charisma and other Social skills faster.

Who doesn’t love People-Oriented people in real life? If you do, why not make your sim People-Oriented.

Elizabeth Hair Edit by Inabadromance

Stone Walls and Floors by Mara45123

Tru-Log Cabin by Bry

Raonjena Hair 029 Retexture by DeltaSim

Mega Eyes by S4Models

Animate Hair 4 for Males by Studio K Creation

Angela's Sara New Dining

Rustic Dreams Bed In Soft Solid Shades & Cottage Wood by 13Pumkin31

Long Wavy Parted Hair Edit for Males & Females by Rusty Nail