Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Scandinavian Bedroom Set by Pyszny

Clubs, Parties, Weddings at Generic Venues by Shimrod101

This mod enables the use of Generic Venues for Club gatherings, Weddings and Parties. The parties included are Birthday party, House party, Dinner party, Costume party and Black & White party.

The Generic venue can be set as a Club Hangout, or you can go there and select Stay Here when calling the meeting. It works exactly the same as one of the other available venue types.

The parties are also lengthened to 10 hours before the event ends, and the weddings last 2 hours longer.

All of the files used in this mod are from base game, so it can be used regardless of Get Together being installed or not.

TS3 Palladium Living Conversion by SimsLikeItHot

TS2 Asian Fusion Dining Set Conversion by ZxTa

Jewelry Box and Jewelry Clutter by JomSims

Sassi Kitchen and Dining Set by Pilar

Elegant Bedroom Recolors by Ksimbleton

Comfort Rowboat by Scancarrelli

Benedict Farm Set by DaniParadise

Mattress and Bed Frame Recolors by Mabra

Ana Dress in 18 Colors by BlogSimpleSimmer

Dosnoventa Bicycles Pack by MXIMS

Puppy Slippers for Males and Females by SimLaughLove

Patterned Trousers for Females by AbundanceOfPixels