Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wedding Hair Pearls by Severinka

Simaniacos Monalisa Hair for Females

Nymphy's Intense Lip Balms: 2to4 Conversion-esque by nurny

Hair for Party and Accessories by Luluk

Accessories and hair also at

Montmartre -7 mascaras- by Vampire_aninyosaloh

Jeans Shorts and Floral Tees & Tanks by Tipalouf

1 - 2

Brown Snakeskin Dresses by Severinka

Ellus Boxer Line by David Veiga

Pompadour Retro Recolors for Males by BustedPixels

Crop Top and Skirt by Simaniacos

Sheffield Manor by Christine

Japanese Body Tattoos for Males & Females by GefaSims

TheSims3Star Hair 1 for Females

Hollywood Glam Lipgloss by Cleos

Shimmer Backless Maxi Dresses by Niteskkysims

Classic Eyebrows for Females by Simmiller by Simmiller

Sheer Seamed Hose in 18 asst. Colors by auntielynds

Default Replacement Eye Colors by SeventhEcho

Clothing for Females by Inabadromance

International Flag Dresses by Ecoast

MissFortune's Leather Trench Coat

Simlish Forest by Vrain

Skins by SimsTemptation