Sunday, January 3, 2016

MAC Inspirations Matte Lipstick by AlyssaJoltSims

Allure Shirt in 20 Colors for Males by Rope

Balmain Clothing for Males and Females by Jean

Acoustic Handmade Guitar by OohlalaSimmer

Houses by Pollycranopolis

These and more

Belted Skirts with Top by MarvinSims

Forest Wallpaper by Annett

India Curtain in 48 Recolors by StandardHeld

Candy Hair for Females by Leah Lilith

Visitors Not Spawning in Front of Venues by weerbesu

By default, venue visitors in TS4 spawn at a point right outside of the venue. This mod forces them to spawn at a random "world spawn point" instead (i.e. the same spawn points jogger and other passers in the neighborhood use.)

Without this mod, visitors spawn right outside of the venue. They tend to stand still, play various idle animations (such as acting very flirty or very uncomfortable), or even do something inappropriate (such as using phones or doing push-ups) before actually entering the venue.

Brown Eyes Collection for Males and Females by KiaraRawks

Mattress in 60 Recolors by HamburgerCakes

Chloe Hair for Males and Females by DaniParadise