Monday, April 17, 2017

Breezy Outdoor Set by SIMcredible

Mon Hair V1 by Simduction

TSM Blacksmith's Anvil and Forge Conversion by Historical Sims Life

Less Checking Up on Toddlers Mod by NekoMimiM0de

I was playing my legacy family I started last weekend when I realized that my two founding sims spent way too much time checking on and watching their toddler son.  It was almost like they were obsessed with him. :)

So I made this mod that only allows elders to check up on and watch toddlers. I spent two sim days testing this out with my test family, the Elmdors.

The only time they went into the toddler’s room was to get her out of the house because the stove caught on fire. They mainly just sat on the couch talking and watching TV all day long.

Oasis Hair by Anto

Mono Workstation by MXIMS

Rosebud Primary School by RedHotChiliSimblr

Kids Art by SourWolfSims

Solar Panels and Weatherboards by Simista

Tabula Rasa End Table - Slimmed Down by Allisas

MY EYES – Viblisims Genetics by Viblisims

Twin Braids Hair Conversion - T-C and Scallop Dress Edit for Toddlers by DancerGirlCB

TS3 Puppet Theater, Chinese Bed, Screens and Living Room Conversions by BigUglyHag

Princess Cordelia Bed for Toddlers by Lina

Living Shelf, Lighting and Decor by DOT

Sunglasses and Crop Top by Sondescent

Plant Sim Interactions: Absorb Water, Poison Kiss, and more by CardTaken

Upon reading this thread on the sims forums, I was inspired to do something with plant sims. Give them a couple of the suggested abilities, for instance. And that I did.

I haven't had time to test this extensively, as I wanted to get it out as soon as possible for people while Plant Sims are on the brain, but it should all be working. Let me know, of course, if you run into issues.

 What this mod adds

If you are a Plant Sim, you can:

Absorb Water (from puddles): Click on a puddle and click Absorb Water. Your Plant Sim should walk over, kneel down, and gain some Water until the puddle is gone. So now you can clean and fill your Plant Sim's Water Need at the same time!

Poison Kiss: Found under the Mischief category. Can only be used on/by Teen and older. Does a Blow Kiss animation and then the receiver falls asleep, tranquilized for a bit.


Discuss Plants with other Plant Sims. Found under Friendly.
Discuss Eco-Friendly Alternatives with other Plant Sims. Found under Friendly.

Finally, plant or non-plant sims can Compliment Leaves of sims who are Plant Sims (found under Friendly).

Icon Tops by SevenSims