Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Concinnus Bedroom Set by Simcredible Designs

The World of Newcrest is Coming to The Sims 4

Welcome to Newcrest

Simmers have created millions of Sims since The Sims 4 released last September, and many of our players have been asking for more space to move them into. Next week, we’ll answer that request by adding a new World, free* for all The Sims 4 owners!

The World of Newcrest will be joining Willow Creek and Oasis Springs next Thursday! Everyone playing The Sims 4 will be able to start building right away in Newcrest, a completely empty world ready to be settled by your Sims.

We know that many of you wanted more room to expand, but didn’t have the heart to evict the likes of Bella Goth, Malcolm Landgraab, and Bob Pancakes. We can’t blame you – who would want to live in a world without the Goths? That’s why we made Newcrest a clean slate. It’ll contain three new neighborhoods, each with five empty lots. You can download homes from the Gallery, build your own, and put whatever you want there! Bars, clubs, parks, houses, pools – you’ll be able to let your creativity shine in Newcrest. In case you want to start building homes now to get ready, here are the lot sizes:

Neighborhood #1:

• 50x40
• 40x30
• 40x30
• 30x30
• 30x20

Neighborhood #2:

• 30x20
• 30x20
• 40x30
• 20x15
• 20x15

Neighborhood #3:

• 30x20
• 30x20
• 30x20
• 40x30
• 40x20

Moving day is June 11, so start building awesome new houses (or find some cool ones on The Gallery). We can’t wait to see what you create in Newcrest!

The Sims

ShinoKCR's Bathroom Minimalist

Curtains & Blinds Recolors by JorghaHaq

Blazers for Males by BlackLe

Pleated Peter Pan Collar Shirt and Pajamas for Females by Nooboominicule

No Relationship Decay for Multiple Sims with Beloved Trait by kianjim

No Relationship Decay for Multiple Sims with Beloved Trait

This modifies the lot loading routines to automatically check and reapply the decay rate modifiers for all Sims in the active household which have the Beloved Trait. Previously, if there's more than one Sim having this trait, relationships will stop decaying only for one lucky Sim.

The mod comes with the following additional console commands:

rlocka 1
 Locks relationships for all Beloved in household
rlocka 0
 Unlocks relationships for all Beloved in household
rlock <first name> <last name> 1
 Locks relationships for Sim
rlock <first name> <last name> 0
 Unlocks relationships for Sim
glock <first name> <last name>
 Gets decay rate modifiers for Sim to others

TS2 - Ohbehave Tea Set Conversion by Kresten22

Kiara24 Lonely Hair for Females

TS2 - 8-3 Clutter and LDG Stereo Conversions by Mio

Long Blanket Mattress for Separated Frames by Roundog

70 Matching Berry Colors for Women (Nightcrawler No Angel Hairstyle/Eyebrow 2) by The Simsperience

Marilyn Dress by Hellfrozeover

MJ95's Madlen Natassa Sandals

Cutesy Scrubs for Females by Daluved1

TS2 Nighlife Date Rewards Conversion by Veranka

Polyester Bride Skin for Males & Females by LullabySims

Newsea Goldleaf Hair for Females

TS2 Dining Set, Trunk and Dining Clutter Conversion by TKAngie

DaniParadise Long Wavy Classic Edit in NikSim Colors by Ellesmea