Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ancient Baths by Visty

7 Simple All Wood Tables – sets 1 & 2 by Blackgryffin

Chrome Hair by ChocolateMuffinTop

Christmas Decor by BrittPinkieSims

Office Top and Skirt by MeeyouX

Love Me Down Hair by AHarris00Britney

Seamless Fix for Snow by Martine

Snow is my favourite thing in RL so I was pretty excited to try this new snow mod, but unfortunately it contained a few repeating textures and textures with watermarks on them (see examples above). After digging through the files, I found the culprits, swapped the textures for a clean, seamless version and voilĂ  - perfect snow!

This DL only contains the fixed files, you still need to download Simcookie’s original files. All credit for the original mod goes to Simcookie.

Climax Hair for Females by Newsea


Rugs by Alex Pilgrim

Mass Effect Living Room, Wallpaper, Rugs and Decor by XLDSims

Disposition Top by BlahberryPancake

Braided Flate Bun for Girls by Kiara24

adfly + Alternate

Disney Paintings by RebelCreators

Nick's Helpers Home by Hafuhga

Traveler Kit by Sandy

Waters Sun Room Set by DOT

Sophia Hair by Jruvv

Skirts by Laupipi

Leaning Prints by ChillisSims

Wallpaper by Bildlichgesehen

More Russian Names (EU/Asia style and more) by maracelume

Wallpaper and Paintings by HikenNelonen

Santa Claus House by MyHomelessSims