Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hare and Hedgehog Maxis-Match Makeover - No CC by Tamo

Victorian Wedding Dress by Historical Sims Life

Festive Dining Set by Dara

Michelle Hair for Males and Females by WMS

Family Estate by Tanitas8

Corset Wedding Dress by SimsFashion01

Swimwear for Boys by NyGirl

Flutterby Top in 56 Colors by StandardHeld

Forest Fantasy Wedding Arch by BigUglyHag

Angelique Dress by Sentate

'Has Met Nanny' Aging Fix by Shimrod101

This mod fixes the Has Met Nanny trait such that sims who have this trait can age and die normally. The nanny can be hired in a household as intended and used as intended.

Misc Children's Decor by Alelore

Milla Tables and Decor Set by Miguel

Lulu265's Country Dreams Bedroom

Chain Necklaces by SimsWork

Paintings by Kyma