Friday, March 3, 2017

Nathan Appliances Set by Daer0n

Kitchen, Clutter and Plants Recolored by ViikiitaStuff

Compact Living Room Set by Slox

All in One Food Stall by MissChevus

All in One Food Stall

Hello simmers! Today I present my newest mod, All in One Food Stall.
This mod is for simmers who want to try all of the foods at the city living
food stalls but don't have the time to find every one in the game. It's also
good to set up at a park or in a school cafeteria.

How do I get it?
Just go into Buy Mode and look under activities and skills. There you will
find the Uptown Gourmet food stall. This is the stall I changed to sell
everything, even drinks and desserts. If you are placing the stall indoors,
you'll have to use the moveobjects on cheat.

Gourmania Dining Set by JomSims

Tire Service Kit and TS3 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup Conversion by sg5150

8 Pack of Teen Exclusive Traits by CardTaken

Hi! Triplis here. I've been thinking for a long time about Emotions in TS4 and I thought what better way to put some ideas to work than make a set of Traits exclusive to Teens, a life stage that many agree is sorely lacking in unique gameplay.

So I made a set of 8 Traits, just for Teens. They were a labor of love and sweat, and I learned a lot about modding along the way. I hope you enjoy them.

There is a lot of detail information to say about them. If you would prefer to do as little reading as possible and jump in-game to try them, I nonetheless recommend you at least skim the "What you need to know" section, as it contains some information that can prevent you from becoming very confused.

Happy Simming!

 What you need to know:

1) The package file comes in two versions: Base Game and Expansions (ONLY USE ONE AT A TIME!). The Expansions version includes references to Nightclub venue, Cafe venue, and DJ Mixing skill from Get Together; Singing skill from City Living; and Organ skill from Vampires. Features that are only part of the Expansion version, or are different in the Base Game version, will be denoted with an * in each trait's "Features" section below.

If you are feeling daring and only have some of the above named Expansions, you are welcome to use the Expansions version anyway. I don't have any reason to believe that issues are guaranteed to crop up, but the possibility is there. If you do try this and you run into issues, please let me know, so I can inform people. If it causes significant issues, I may consider splitting things up in more detail in the future.

2) Each custom trait has "Cannot Die" status linked to it; meaning, if your Sim has one of the 8 custom traits, they can't die. Some of the traits revolve around extreme emotions that fall under Angry, Embarrassed, or Playful, so I felt it was important that they are free to have extreme emotions without random emotional deaths. Note that because the traits are exclusive to Teens, they will lose the trait when they Age Up from Teen and therefore lose Cannot Die status in the process. So if you're worried about your Sim never dying, fear not! Age them up to lose the trait and they will be vulnerable to death again.

I may look into making them immune only to emotional deaths in the future. For the time being, this was the most straightforward way for me to do it.

3) You will find the Traits under the Lifestyle category in CAS (but only if your Sim is a Teen!)

Jamie Overalls and Accessory Tops by WMS

ad*ly + Alternate

TS3 Vending Machines Converted by Noiranddarksims

Woohoo is exercise by Candyd

Tired of needing a treadmill to make your sims lose weight ? Want to find more fun activities to make your sims lose weight and build muscle, and with less radical results ? ...And it's even better if they're bedroom activities ?
Yes, now your sims can be healthier with practicing regular woohoo !

How do sims behave by default ?

Expect to have to make your sims exercise to make them lose weight or build muscle. The foods they eat make them gain weight, and they can't eliminate all those extra calories any other way.

What does this mod change to the sims' behavior ?

You can now count on bedroom sports to keep your sims in good shape ! Woohoo will now help your sims lose weight and gain muscle mass. Not only this, but in a more progressive and slower way than at the gym. Contrary to workout equipment, don't count on it to make overweight sims skinny or to give them a six-pack, unless if you're very patient, but it will help keeping them in good shape. Woohoo and try for baby both count as exercise, and all woohoo locations have been modded to induce about the same weight loss and muscle gain.
Notice however that only base game woohoo has been modded : in bed, in the telescope, in the rocket ship, and in the hot tub. I don't have all expansion packs and game packs, so I can't mod all woohoo locations.

Paloma Dress and Recolors by Colores Urbanos

White Summer Shorts in 15 Recolors by BlueHopperSimming

MMS-Good_Baby_Movement by laska2222

Babies can be moved in life mode..

What your Sims will be able to do with this mod:
Read a story to their baby
Singing a Lullaby
Listen to children's movies with their baby
Take a bath with your baby
Sleep with their baby
Playing with her baby outside
For the rest, make room for your imagination!

Peaky Angels Hair Retexture by PhaedraSims

Ariana Hair Clayified by MangoSim

Helene Sweater by KismetSims

Accessory Bangs Edit by Pixelslie

Crystal Persuasion Paintings by BlueHopperSimming

Skirts by Heartfall