Friday, February 13, 2015

Vanilla Dream Day Set by Severinka

Framed Prints, Curtains and Rose Bouquets by Martine

Antique Floors by Mara45123

Vivienne Westwood Accessories Set by TokSik

Shelves by WestwoodSims

Nightcrawler Timber Hair for Females

Glasses and Sunglasses by Rusty Nail

Wall Tiles by K-Hippie

Auto-Pause Pregnancy by scumbumbo

It annoyed me that played sims that were pregnant would complete their pregnancy while I was playing another lot, even though I had aging for played sims set to the current household only. I'd come back after playing another lot for a few sim days to find that the parents had missed out on the whole process and had a new crib with a randomly named baby. The mother hadn't aged... so how the heck did the baby get born while time was standing still?

I wrote a simple script mod to take care of this "fault" with the game. Since I have a few other mods I'm working on that aren't ready for release, I thought I'd spend a couple hours tonight polishing this up and uploading it for those who also don't like this happening.

Usage is automatic once the mod is installed, this simply skips the automatic labor/birth process for any played sims that aren't in the current household. It effectively puts the pregnancy on hold until the next time you load up that lot. A notification will display showing the sim that is ready for labor so that you can switch to that lot when you are ready to continue that household.

The automatic birth is only skipped if the aging option for played sims is set to only allow aging for the current household. Non-player controlled sims (NPCs and townies) will continue to have their pregnancies finish off normally.

Lipstick by S-Club

Apple iPad Air 2 by Drowninginthesim

Toys by Ladesire