Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Motive Manager Machines and Real Snowfall by coolspear1

The Marvellous Mystical Motive Managers - With Snow!

A set of whacky objects with an array of unique interactions, animations and FX to have humorous, surreal and some plain silly, storytelling fun with while messing about with motives.
And a whole lot more other goodies besides. Make friends and drinking buddies with the Milky Way. Invite the Sylvan Glade fairies into your home. Beat up and bully a broken down machine.
Go to the Space Fairy Dimension and even marry a Kraken! And snow! Lots and lots of drifting, frosty fog and animated falling snow.

Tulle Dress by Rusty Nail

Asian Wood Wallpaper by Noiranddarksims

Braid Woven Hair and Flower Crown Separated and Recolored by MeyokiSims

- 2 -

Rustic Wood Floors by Tatschu

Little Art Deco Easel by ThePlumbobArchitect

Senta Hair - Two Versions by Birksches

Screaming Retro Dining Set by Simcredible Designs

Day Of The Dead Dress in 52 Recolors by StandardHeld

Improved Textures Hairs by DDeathFlower

Helena Dacci Dress by JomSims

Kid's Clothing Collection by Hoppel785

Hair for Males and Females by Wings

Lace Wedding Dresses by SimsFashion01

Kids Posters by Saartje77

Autumn Wall and Window Decor by Annett

Acrylic Eyes by RebelCreators