Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Door Locks for TS4 by scumbumbo

Lockable doors for The Sims 4 are here at last! 'Nuff said!

Okay, maybe a little more should be said... You should read this stuff....

Door locks can only be set on a sim's home lot. They have to "own" the doors. It may be possible to enable locking doors at venues (e.g. gender-specific restrooms at the bars) at some point in the future.
To lock a door or gate, just click on it and Enable Lock. To lock an arch, you must target the arch itself, not the blank space in between.
New locks will default to locking the door for all sims. To change the lock style, click on a locked door and select a new lock type.
Once a lock type is set, disabling and re-enabling the lock will preserve the lock type you set previously.
Doors can be set to lock out...
All sims (the default)
Visitors only
Male sims only
Female sims only
Children only

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