Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kijiko Panda Kang Kang Hair for Males

FutureSim Labs career venue reworked for SNSA Shenandoah Airship by coolspear1

Yoga Sweatpants for Teen - Elder Males by Peacemaker ic

Higher & More Realistic Overmax Pay by weerbesu

After the 1.5.139 update, Sims can get promotions even after reaching the max career level. By default, Sims get a $10 raise for each overmax level, regardless of what career she/he is in. With this mod Sims will now get a 10% raise instead.

For example, here's the hourly pay for the doctor career, default vs. this mod.

Currently it works for all careers.

This mod uses the new script mod extension .ts4script introduced with the patch 1.9.80.
To install, unzip the file and place the ts4script file in your mods folder.

This mod is compatible for Version 1.9.80

This mod modifies the get_hourly_pay function in careers.career_base and will conflict with other mods that also modify this function.

Swimwear for Females by Tamamaro

8 Foundations by Plasticbox

Tattoos for Males & Females by Simsrocuted

Faalq Jopo Hair for Males

Outdoor Pack 4 - 7 Real Autumn Trees (+ Bonus Pack) by ConceptDesign97Sims

GTW Slouchy Beanie Recolors by PorcelainWarehouse

Risky Woohoo Mod by Simsical Creations

Woohoo safely no longer!! Now when your sims woohoo there will be a chance of pregnancy! ALL woohoo spots are included.

I'm keeping the mod as "in testing" because of issues with other Risky Woohoo mods where Teens and Elders could get pregnant. I did test this very thoroughly with a risky chance set to 100%, neither of them got pregnant. After 5 days of the initial Woohoo/Mess Around, Elders and Teens still never had any babies.

***Testers still needed***
If anyone could keep testing with the Simsical_RiskyWoohooTESTVersion_100 version, I'd greatly appreciate it and mention you for thanks when it comes out of testing. Please report any issues to me if you come across any.

Since this mod is in the testing state, I highly suggest backing up the saves you care about, or at least using Save As to save as a different name before using woohoo so that you have a safe save to load back up if needed. This is just as a precaution to be on the safe side, as I said I didn't have any issues when I was testing, but you never know.

Even if your (female) sim becomes pregnant with the risky woohoo mod installed, they will still be able to continuously have woohoo. I mention this because when sims Try for Baby, they can't keep trying once they get pregnant. So I just wanted to clarify that this will not be an issue.

ALL female sims (including Teens and Elders) will be able to take a pregnancy test after the woohoo interaction. However, since Teens and Elders can't get pregnant with this mod, they'll get a negative result.

The chance will depend on the flavor of this mod that you choose (use only ONE):
Simsical_RiskyWoohoo_5percent - 5% of getting pregnant
Simsical_RiskyWoohoo_10percent - 10% of getting pregnant
Simsical_RiskyWoohoo_20percent - 20% of getting pregnant
Simsical_RiskyWoohoo_30percent - 30% of getting pregnant Simsical_RiskyWoohooTESTVersion_100 - This is the testing version as mentioned above.

Compatibility - When a new update releases please check the Mod Compatibility Status page for complete status compatibility on this and all mods on this site.

Gravel Floor Tiles by Warsteina