Thursday, July 9, 2015

Locked Doors and Half Walls Are Now Available in a Free Update!

Lock that Door

Want to keep customers out of the back room of your Sim’s retail store? Want to lock the door to your Sim’s room so they can crank up the music and have a dance party for one? Want gender-specific changing rooms in your gym? Boot up The Sims 4 and you’ll be able to download an Update to the game that’ll let you do just that! Locked doors are coming to The Sims 4, and they’re going to be free* for everyone who downloads the Update. They’ll be joined by half walls, which will let you divide areas while still keeping them open and modern.

First, let’s talk about locked doors. After the release of The Sims 4 Get to Work* we heard the calls for employee-only rooms loud and clear, so we made sure to include that option. There are also more standard locks, like the ability to lock a door so only your Sim can get in, or being able to lock it for a household. If you’re tired of random Sims walking into your Sim’s room and taking a nap on their bed at 2:00AM, you’ll be able to prevent that with door locks. We’ve also added new gender-specific doors to the catalog, which open up some cool possibilities for improvements to some of the Venues in the game.

Half walls were exciting to work on, too. Most of the time, we’ve seen players asking for them to put around their counters, so we absolutely included a size that works for that. But we also wanted to allow for more creativity, so we added four additional sizes, bringing the total number of half wall sizes to five.

The three medium heights give you a range of options for living room dividers, borders for stoves and counters, or eye-level spots to hold fancy decorations. They’re also a handy place to put your drink! We also added a low (1-1/2’ height) wall that works great as an architectural border piece, as well as a tall wall that can be used to make enclosed spaces within rooms, especially when using taller full-height walls. Half walls are super easy to place, too – if you’ve ever put a fence down in The Sims 4, you already know how to build a half wall.

The Update is now available, so get ready to start building half walls and locking doors – and don’t forget to share your new creations on The Gallery when you do!

The Sims

Restaurant Objects by Manine

Tic-Tac Fire Pit by OmorfiMera

Sprout in a re-purposed can by OM

Hair & Eyebrow Recolors, Wrinkles and More by La Factoria De Sims

Thanks Anon

Scandinavian House 1 & 2 - Furnished/Unfurnished - No CC by KrazyAngelKat81

Knee-Length Summer Skirts for Kids by Plasticbox

TS3 All In One Bathrooms Conversion by Veranka

DRs for Pencil and Children's Homework by Motherof70

It's with much joy I bring this beautiful TS2 mesh to the new game.  Sunni over at Plumb Bob Keep made this into a DR for the pencil in TS2 from a decorative set created by Cynnix, and it's one of the things I want to keep.

In testing I discovered I couldn't live with the default homework I so attempted to create a new texture using an old bookcase from TSM.  The texture is tiny and I found it quite difficult to work with (I really don't like recolouring) but it suits my purposes.  Also, in the inventory the homework retains its old colour but looks fine out in the world.

Regarding the quill, you will find that when kids (do any other sims use the pencil?  I haven't seen it) go to chew on their quill, as if it were a pencil, it will go through their head.  In testing I found they only do this once when they sit and do their homework beginning to end.  I think it's a small price to pay for such a beautiful mesh.

The font is too small to read, the original is just grey lines, but there's a wee Pratchett line there from Reaper Man.

Polaroids, Rugs and Pillows by DakotaSims