Saturday, November 7, 2015

Audrey's & Nik's Dresses in 12 Colors by Rusty Nail

Earrings by S-Club - The Sims Resource

Autumn Skirt, Sweater, Argyle Socks and Tights by Ameranthe

TS2 Cassandre Coastal Paradise Living Set by Kresten22 - SimsFans

Soho Living Collection by Alelore

TS3 Scarecrow Conversions by OhMySims404

Pillow Recolors by Simsfvr

Replacement Eyes # 12 by AveiraSims

Open Pumps Shiny in 48 Colors by StandardHeld

Rebellious Trait by DrewShivers

Rules were meant to be broken-at least you think so, and that really seems to tick people off. You’d have it no other way! Prank after prank, rebels intend to leave their mark and trail a bit of mayhem behind them as they flee the scene. Most rebels believe in a cause and jump into the action while others have no cause and simply enjoy being mischievous.


No default mood
Need Decay
Fun decays 12% faster
Social decays 7% faster
These were tweaked accordingly to avoid mass need stacking during the usage of other custom traits
Skill Gains
Learn the Comedy skill 15% faster
Learn the Mischief skill 37% faster
Child Social has been increased by 20%

Lighting by MaruskaGeo

Replacement Texture Shorts, Tattoos and Peter Pan Dress for by EditSim