Friday, February 5, 2016

Desks with Chairs by Sandy

Thumbnail Icon Mods by Andrew

If you would like to keep the catalog thumbnail icon but get rid of the swatch thumbnail icons this is the mod for you.  Enjoy!

If you would prefer to get rid of the catalog thumbnail and the swatch thumbnail there is a mod for that below.

It's sort of unclear why EA felt the need to add this ugly icon to custom content catalog thumbnails at the same time they were adding a helpful CC filter.  It's incomprehensible that they obliterated custom content swatch thumbnails with it. The filter they added...great.  This ugly, icon all over the place?...not so much.  This isn't just a bad is a bad implementation of a bad idea.  CC creators cannot do anything about it because EA didn't put control over it for specific items in a moddable place.  Why?  Your guess is as good as mine.  The best we can do is just blank out the stupid wrench image...or crab claw...or whatever this thing is supposed to be.

This mod will get rid of it.  Put this mod in your mods folder and bye bye ugly icons.

Shinon Hair for Females by Zauma

S-Club Asian Skin 2.0 for Males and Females - All Ages

Blanket Recolors by Simsophonique

Kimi-Kimono Jacket Recolors by Peacemakeric

TS3 MS91 Marquee letters A-Z Conversion by SanoySims

Prehistoric Baby Defaults by Martine

Leh Skin Blend for Males and Females by DDeathFlower

Classic Spandrel by Plasticbox

Holiday Dress for Girls by Kiara24

ButterflySims 145 Hair Retexture for Females by Zauma

Kitchen and Living Room - Room by Dinha

Clothing for Females by NyGirl

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Valentine Bathroom Set by JomSims