Friday, December 2, 2016

Ninon Bedroom Set by Mango Sims

Wall Panels and Beams by ZxTa

The Sims 4: Graduation Event Mod! by BrittPinkieSims

This game play mod includes:​

  • The ability to throw a Graduation event for your teen Sims!
  • Invite any teen in your town to attend the Graduation with you!
  • Custom whims for Teens to have a Graduation
  • Custom interactions (Reminisce About School, Joke About Teachers, Congratulate on Graduating, and more!) that only appear during the party!
  • The ability to invite a “Principal” (any Adult in your game)
  • A custom “Graduate” interaction (with different responses from the Principal depending on your Sim’s grade in school!)
  • Sign yearbooks (new object) and say goodbye to your friends!
  • Custom goals to complete during the party
  • Custom rewards (conversions from TS3 and new deco objects)
  • All Sims are rewarded with a diploma, which can be viewed after the graduation- your Sim will get a special moodlet which also depends on their grade in school!
  • Gold rewards include a random amount of money (a “scholarship”) for your Sim’s future!
  • Tons of custom buffs/moodlets associated with having a Graduation
  • Compatibility with Zerbu’s Go To School mod (the ability to throw a Graduation on your High School lot, and the ability to have your teachers as the Principal) once it’s re-released :)

This mod is base game compatible and does not override anything in your game. It’s compatible with all my other event mods, and should be compatible with all other mods, too.

The mod IS a script mod and does require the .ts4script file (included) for the custom interactions to show up, so make sure you have script mods enabled in your game and that you place the .ts4script file in your mods folder, no more than one subfolder deep.

Animated Steamy Street Drain by Bakie

Exercise Bike Bar Stool by Sandy

Pop Hair by ChocolateMuffinTop

Loft Console Table and Bar Stool by 13Pumpkin31

Just My Shade Lipstick by KiaraRawks

CliveC Contemporary Bathroom Set by ShinoKCR

Dress and Legwarmers by BlogSimpleSimmer

Floors by ZxTa

Decorative Shoes by Sympxls

Accessories by Toksik