Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Forest Hut Kitchen, Dining and Bedroom Set by Severinka

Woolen Cushions by Martine

Moody Blues by Bry

Le Pianiste Hair for Males by Rope

Evolve All Plants by scumbumbo

This mod for The Sims 4 will cause the Evolve Plant action to work like weeding and watering, the sim will automatically move from plant to plant evolving each plant which is eligible. In addition, the Evolve Plant action has been added to the Tend Garden cycle.

 This mod is mostly compatible with the Faster Gardening mod; however to guarantee compatibility, use the version of the mod that includes Faster Gardening. Very Important: If you install this version, delete or disable the original Faster Gardening mod.

Note that, if you downloaded this mod in the first few hours it was out, it was noticed that you could not complete the nature aspiration to evolve 5 plants with this mod installed. This bug has been fixed in version 1.1 of the mod, or you can download the patch fix.

Wallpaper by Jun Sims

Dragonfly Paintings by Whimsimsical

Racer Back Collared Tank for Females by NyGirl

Butterflysims 082 Hair for Females


Cigarette Accessory by NewOne

Bun Large High Retexture and Colors by Vicarious Living

Cropped Long Sleeve Sweaters with Tanks by Niteskkysims

S-Club Eyebrows16 for Males

Dresses and Shirts for Females by Unbichobolita

Drowsy Night Poses for Males by LiloSims