Monday, January 9, 2017

Art Studio by Kardofe

Sequined Silk Gown by Rusty Nail

Folded Clothes by Rope

Grow Up Aspiration (TS2-TS4) by jackboog21

1/7/2017 - Added Russian translations. (Thanks TheSimmer26)

The Grow Up aspiration from The Sims 2 is back! Thanks to Zerbu's awesome Mod Constructor I have recreated the Grow Up aspiration.

The original aspiration had 6 levels, but since I can't do that I cut the last and first level. When creating each level I pulled from the name and the original aspiration's wants. In the end, each level sorta become a mini-version of the other child aspirations.

The aspiration will give your child whims; though none of them are new whims. Basic things, like Read Something, Level up a skill, Play with Toys, etc.

Bothersome Brat:
A Bothersome Brat is mean, wants to get to level 5 in Motor, and play on the Monkey Bars.

*Achieve Level 5 in Motor
*Be Mean 5 Times
*Play on the Monkey Bars 5 Times

Typical Tyke:
Now your Bothersome Brat has become more tolerable, they're a Typical Tyke. They want to do more homework, make a friend, and get to Social skill level 5.

*Achieve Level 5 in Social
*Make a Friend
*Do Homework (2 times)

Gifted Kid:
Your child seems to have gotten a gift for using the activity table and drawing on placemats. They also really want to play with their toys and get level 5 Creativity.

*Achieve Level 5 in Creativity
*Play with Toys (5 times)
*Use Activity Table or Draw on A Placemat (5 times)

Shirts and Ties Set by Imadako

Pink Lipstick Collection by KotCatMeow

Traditional Rugs by Alex Pilgrim

TS3 Monte Vista Set Conversion by Annett

Stella Lingerie by Trillyke

Daisies pansies recolored by Fitz71000

Clothing Recolors by ECoast

2 - 3

Stone Cold Meat Locker With (Sunni) Bonus Meat by BigUglyHag

Happy Hydrangeas by Simspirashun

Chanel No. 1 Hair by SimplifiedSimi

French Country Kitchen Set by ShinoKCR