Sunday, November 23, 2014

Basic Henley for Teen - Elder Males by Rope

Table Lamps Anywhere / "Return" Dropshadow Fix by plasticbox

Crew Cut Edit Facial Hair by LumiaLover Sims

Tank Top and Accessory Shorts by JS Sims 4

Baby Crib Recolors by Melbrewer367

Whisper Lingerie -8 colors- by Vampire_aninyosaloh

Newsea Luxury Hair for Females

Triangle Earrings by NewOne

Baseball Cap for Males by Noah

Red Barn Swimming Hole by Christine

Basic T-Shirts and Jeans for Males & Females by Rusty Nail

BarbieSiims Holy Hair for Females

Dresses by CallieVPlays

Magnolia Beachwear Collection for Adult & Elder Females by Inabadromance

Knotted Tartan Shirts for Females by Niteskkysims

7 Eenie Weenie Polka Dot Bikinis! by pinkleafsims

9 Foothill Road, Sunol by Samuel

Jeans for Adult Females by Annett

Satin Corset Tops for Females by xPureSim

No Fountain Broken Toilets, No Emotional Poop Text, and Lowered Poop Threshold by DrChillgood

The toilets in The Sims 4 leave a lot to be desired. Toilets used to just clog up and be nasty. But no, apparently EA thought it would be funny for broken toilets to spring leaks of high pressure water and become unusable. This of course increases the chance that a Sim will pee themselves for want of a working toilet. There's also the issue of gaining Handiness from unclogging toilets. Who ever became a master handyman from unclogging toilets? Also, there is a text error that causes the pregnancy test to say "Take An Angry Poop", and even if it wasn't glitched, "Take An Angry Poop" is lame and unfunny.

With this mod, toilets clog, like they used to in the previous games. The toilet is still usable, but automatically gives the "Icky Plumbing" buff, just like any other dirty plumbing fixture, with the reason of "(From Clogged Toilet)". Hey, it's still greatly preferable to Peed Pants and a possible Ultimate Mortification death. Flushing a clogged toilet causes a puddle, just like in the unmodded game.

Unclogging a toilet does not increase handiness (though it will be faster with some handiness skill), nor does it yield a trash pile you can salvage parts from. Who would want to salvage poop-covered parts out of a clogged toilet? Too bad I couldn't put in a "plunger" animation to represent the unclogging properly.

Kevin by ihelen

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